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Dior Mirage 699 eyeshadow palette (Summer Dune collection 2021): review and swatches

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you probably know that I love Dior seasonal makeup collections. For Summer 2021 Dior has released two eyeshadow palettes: Mirage 699 and Dune 759 and I’ve picked up the first one. Keep on reading for review and swatches. 

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Dior Mirage 699


The packaging is the same as the current Dior eyeshadow palettes. If you usually throw the small applicators that come with it, I suggest you keep them this time, this formula applies better with them. 


How does the texture compare to the updated palettes released the previous year? I find it slightly less creamy, soft and pigmented compared to the eyeshadows in the permanent line. It reminds me of the baked gelee formula Dior sometimes released in the past (the first comparison that comes to mind is the Skyline 2016 palettes). 

Dior Mirage 699

Colour scheme

All colours in the Dior Mirage palette are warm. You have three sand colours, one orange and one brown. However, on the lids the main difference is intensity: they look more or less the same. Some of them are a bit lighter (the top three shades), two bottom shades are slightly darker, one is more orange, the other is more brown. The difference between the top right shade and the one in the middle is only visible on swatches – the first one looks more pink, the second one more golden. See the swatches of Dior Mirage 699 in different light below.

 Dior Mirage 699 swatches  Dior Mirage 699 swatches       Dior Mirage 699 swatches


There are no mattes in Dior Mirage. However, the shimmer is very soft and subtle resulting in a satin finish. Judging by the swatches if you prefer a more intense shimmer finish you might want to try the other palette from the collection – 759 Dune (AF)

However, one thing that makes this palette interesting is the pink shimmer which translates to a beautiful pink shift once you apply it on. I’ve tried to capture it on the makeup look photos below.

Dior Mirage 699 eyelook Dior Mirage 699 eyelook Dior Mirage 699 eyelook

As I’ve suggested earlier don’t throw away the sponges that come with this palette. It is so much easier to do a quick all over the lid application with them, than with the soft brushes I generally use. 

The wear time is around 6 hours on me (with Nars eyeshadow primer (AF)), which is less than with their regular formula. After that, the shadows start to fade but not crease.     

Dior Mirage 699

Overall impression

The beautiful Dior Mirage embossing reminds me of dunes and instantly creates a holiday mood (especially that golden pink shade in the top right corner).

You might like Dior Mirage if you are going for a soft summer look. If you prefer very pigmented high-shine shadows, you will be disappointed. While the colours might look slightly boring swatched, once the sun hits, you see a subtle pink shift from the pink shimmer. Which makes sense for a summer release, right? You can watch a reel on my Instagram account that shows the swatches in sunlight for a better idea.

The colours work great with brighter lipsticks when you want to have a soft wash of warm colour on your lids, but nothing too heavy or distracting. It also works well for summer (warmer) nude makeup. 

If you want to have something lighter on the lips to go with this palette I found two great Dior products: a Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine lipstick in 632 Arty Star (AF) and Dior Addict Stellar Gloss in 629 Mirrored (AF). The lipstick is a sheer hydrating coral shade, which also has a pink shimmer star in the middle of the bullet. This shimmer goes really well with the one in the palette. The lipgloss is a bronze shade with lots of sparkles (also very hydrating). With one layer it’s borderline metallic, but the shimmer dies down after a while. See the swatches of both colours below. 

Dior Addict Stellar swatches

Dior Addict Stellar swatches   

Overall, Dior Mirage might not be one of the most exciting Dior releases, rather a wearable palette with a twist, that sparks joy and creates a vacation mood when you look at it. 

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