Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette
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Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette review

I was quite hesitant to buy Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette: although the colour story is my favourite one, a lot of reviews mentioned creasing. And all eyeshadows crease on me. Even the long-wearing ones. The only thing that saves me is an eyeshadow primer (I use Nars, but that’s a whole other blog post). So if a review says creasing eyeshadow it will most likely crease on me even with a primer. The other thing is how glittery it was. And I don’t wear glitter. I prefer my make-up to be quite natural, well, as natural as a smokey eye or a red lipstick can be ?. I just don’t like super bright Youtube-tutorial style make-up. Well, and I usually don’t go to places where glitter is appropriate.

But then some of the looks done with it were just glowy, something that can be worn on a weekend maybe. So I gave it a try and quickly discovered it is unlike anything I have.

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Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette
Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette

It’s not an everyday palette (for me) and definitely not office-appropriate. It’s for glitter-everywhere, make-me-Gucci-campaign-cool, party-in-Berlin-then-go-to-crazy-modern-art-exhibition-person. Someone from an early Lady Gaga videos. And surprisingly I’m enjoying it, maybe because we are in the lockdown and it’s easier to get away with out-of-comfort-zone make-up looks.

Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette reminds me of 70's Disco
Reminds me of 70’s Disco

It depends on how you apply these shadows. If you use a brush, you won’t transfer much pigment and you might end up with just a bit of shimmer. If you apply with fingers (and you must press hard into the pan) you will get a more metallic look with a lot of sparkle that can be layered up to a foiled finish. Even having a bit of sparkle looks great in the current summer sunshine.

Grey eyeshadow look
Grey eyeshadow look with Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette
Staying power:

Once the glitter settles down, it stays the whole day and doesn’t migrate around the face. However, it will smudge (even with a primer) after a few hours and stay like this. Surprisingly I don’t mind, cause it kinda fits the overall look. 

Gold eyeshadow look
Gold eyeshadow look with Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow palette

Overall impression: 

Róen 52 Cool eyeshadow (AF) palette is not a must-have. Especially if it’s your first or only one eyeshadow palette. I don’t find it to be versatile enough for that. However, it’s great if you are in a make-up rut, in search of a great party makeup or want something to get more experimental with and not bound by strict dress-code. No eyeshadow sparked that enthusiasm in me to try new looks in a long time.


Have you tried this palette or other ones from Róen?

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