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Hermès lipstick Satin and Matte formula: review and swatches

Lipstick was always my favourite makeup item: before the increased mask-wearing due to pandemic, my favourite look was red lipstick. So when Hermès announced the makeup line last year with lipstick being the first to launch I had to try it. Hermès is one of my all-time favourite brands because I trust the quality of everything they do and their aesthetics appeal to me. Keep on reading for my review of the Hermès lipstick in both Satin and Matte formula.

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Let’s face it: the packaging is a big part of the Hermès lipstick (AF) appeal. The regular version is a mix of white, gold, and black (satin has a glossy version and matte lipstick, right: matte). Twice a year the brand releases seasonal collections with limited edition shades and colour-blocking packaging. The case closes with a magnet and feels luxuriously heavy. The packaging is refillable (while seasonal colours are not available as refills, you can still refill the case with the regular shades). The lipstick comes in a pouch which is handy not to scratch the case in the bag. The case feels very well-made like it would last through many refills. The design was developed by Pierre Hardy who is a creative director for their jewellery and shoe lines. 

Hermès lipstick

Colour scheme         

The permanent Hermès lipstick line has 24 colours, mostly pinks, nudes, and reds named after Hermès leather shades. The colours I have are 50 Roze Zinzoline (Satin, permanent), 51 Corail Fou (Satin, seasonal), 54 Rose Nuit (Matte, seasonal). At the publishing date, you can still find Rose Nuit at some retailers. While Corail Fou is not available, the spring-summer 2021 collection has a Corail Aqua shade which is not 100% similar but from the same colour family.

Hermès lipstick swatches


The texture of the only one matte Hermès lipstick (AF) I have from the range (Rose Nuit) feels like not a full-on drying matte, but rather a powder veil on your lips. If you apply it straight from the bullet you get more full coverage. Alternatively, you can just pat it with a finger and then the pigment merges with your lip colour and looks like your lips but better. Overall matte finish looks very natural.

The satin finish lipstick applies in a very thin but pigmented layer. While it’s not particularly hydrating (like the balm lipsticks, for example, Chantecaille Lip Chic (AF)) it doesn’t dry out my lips either. It applies well over dry patches. You can wear it without a lip liner, the lipstick doesn’t migrate. 

Looking at swatches I was surprised to see gold shimmer in the satin shades. While it’s not visible on the lips, it probably adds to the vibrancy of the colour on the lips. 

Both lipsticks stayed over 4 hours on me and I still had them after a coffee. They disappear evenly and you can see some of the pigment left, particularly with the brighter shades. They stain lips a bit. You can see more Hermès lipstick swatches in different light below. 

Hermès lipstick swatches

Hermès lipstick swatches

Hermès lipstick swatches


Hermès lipsticks (AF) have a slight scent, and I was so certain it was different for permanent and seasonal shades. Well, I was wrong. Although, seasonal lipsticks smell like a fresh rose to me and permanent one has a different floral scent, according to Hermès, the scent is the same and includes notes of candied angelica and sandalwood. In any case, it doesn’t last long on the lips. Christine Nagel, Hermès in-house nose, is in charge of the scents for lipsticks too. 

Hermès lipstick packaging

Overall impression

Hermès did a great job with this launch in my opinion. The quality of the Hermès lipstick formula is evident – you get enough pigment from one swipe and the layer is thin so don’t feel it much on the lips and it looks natural. While I can’t say it’s the one and only great formula on the market, it’s definitely one of the best. Let’s face it the market is probably oversaturated with very good lipstick formulas. 

The packaging  (especially the seasonal versions) is stunning and the fact that it is refillable makes it even better. 

Of course, there is a question of pricing. But it’s well in line with Hermès brand positioning overall and it’s actually not the most expensive lipstick on the market (and per g). The refills are almost half off the full price of the lipstick, which is great – it actually nudges you to buy refills (compared to lipsticks where the difference is small) which is better for the environment. The packaging is actually made to last a long time. So overall there is a sustainability aspect to it. 

Overall I’m looking forward to adding more colours from the permanent line (buying the refills) and checking out the seasonal offerings for the beautiful packaging.

What are your thoughts on the Hermès makeup line (they are going to launch blushes soon)? Have you tried the lipsticks or planning to? 

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